Awards and Scholarships Committee

NJSOPHE Awards and Scholarships Committee

Eligibility to Chair: Member in good standing.

The Awards and Scholarship Committee has a chairperson and members all of who have experience in the field of health education and themselves demonstrate the skills and competencies of the profession.

 SOPHE Requirements: Not applicable

 Term of Office:  Appointed by President, voting position, one year.

Responsibilities of the Committee:

Responsible for adhering to the standards and criteria established by NJ SOPHE in connection with awards and scholarships.

The committee will adhere to the defined process for communicating information about the awards/scholarships, soliciting nominations/applicants, distributing and reviewing applications, and making the final decision to select winners. The committee will review awards and scholarship criteria as needed and will recommend changes to the NJ SOPHE Executive Board for consideration.  The conduct of all the work of this committee will be in keeping with the financial parameters set by the NJ SOPHE Executive Committee.

The committee will be responsible for the maintenance of standards for scholarship applicants, for the allocation of funds, for the distribution of applications, for the review of the applications and for the final scholarship award decision. The committee will review and develop awards criteria as needed, and will encourage general membership to submit award nomination applications. The Committee will be responsible for updating nomination forms and making them available to NJ SOPHE general membership. The Committee will review and evaluate nomination application forms for all categories of awards and scholarships. They will order plaques, trophies, and gifts and will work with the Program Chair to present the awards during the annual program. The committee will also work with the Treasurer to ensure proper funds have been delivered to winners.

Expectation of Winners:

In turn, each winner is expected at the minimum to prepare a statement of accomplishments/learnings due to the award and at the maximum to recognize NJ SOPHE by either:

  1. presenting at a meeting,
  2. preparing an abstract for a conference presentation or
  3. writing an article for the newsletter.

This should be within one year of receiving the award.

Call for Applications and Review Process:

  • The Committee Chair also prepares letters for all of the award and scholarship winners’ supervisors, announcing the person’s accomplishment. (January)
  • The Chair prepares an article about the winners for the spring newsletter. (Winter)
  • The Chair reminds winners of the Academic Scholarship and Professional Development Award to submit articles about how they used their funds for the newsletter. (Winter)
  • An email notification is sent out letting people know that hardships scholarships are available for the mid-year meeting (timing usually coincides with registration opening for conference) (May)
  • If the Anna Skiff award was not given at the annual meeting, committee chair has option to offer it at the mid-year meeting (Spring)
  • Application forms are updated on an annual basis and put on the NJ SOPHE website. (August)
  • Call for nominations/applications is sent out via the NJ SOPHE listserv (end of August/early September)
  • Letters may be sent from the Committee Chairperson to all university contacts asking for help in recruiting applicants. (end of August/early September)
  • Applications are due to the Committee Chairperson in the Early-October time frame.
  • The Chairperson compiles the applications and a score sheet with an explanation of the scoring criteria. (Early-October)
  • The committee may meet in person or submit selections via email. Each reviewer scores the applications and submits individual score sheets to the Chairperson by the designated scoring deadline. (Mid-October)
  • The Chairperson establishes an aggregate score and determines the winner. (Mid-October)
  • A conference call is held if there is a wide discrepancy in scores or if the scoring is extremely close. (Mid-October)
  • An email notification is sent out letting people know that hardships scholarships are available for the annual meeting (timing usually coincides with registration opening for conference) (November)
  • The committee selects plaques, trophies, and certificates to be given to winners. (November)
  • The awards are presented in December at the Annual meeting. (Early December). The person presenting the awards should comment about the attributes and contributions of each winner.  The Committee Chair should prepare this summary.
  • After the meeting, each winner is contacted by the Committee Chair and the details of the award (amount of money, process for collection and expectations) are outlined. (December)
  • After the meeting, a letter is also sent to each individual who applied and did not win. The letter is to thank the member for applying and encouraging them to apply in the future.


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