NJSOPHE Awards and Scholarships

2017 NJSOPHE Awards & Scholarships Winners!

To learn more about the Awards and Scholarship Committee, click here.

Awards can serve many functions for a chapter.  Because many members volunteer their time to support the growth and functioning of a chapter, often without recognition or compensation, it is an appropriate gesture to publicly recognize their extra effort on the chapter’s behalf.  Awards can range from small tokens to certificates, cash, scholarships, or a large award and is based on the financial status of the chapter and accompanying Board decision.  Awards can be given at any time, such as at Board or Annual membership meetings, continuing education events, or a special Awards Ceremony.

To learn more about the types of awards and scholarships NJSOPHE offers, as well as to see a listing of past award and scholarship recipients, please click on the corresponding links below:

Awards: Winners are selected based on key criteria (and documentation).  The following awards are offered every year. Read testimonials from our past winners here.

Scholarships: The reviewers select winners annually for any or all of the following scholarships, as determined annually by the Executive Board.  The winners are selected based on key criteria (and documentation) for each of the scholarship designations listed below.

 The 2017 Scholarships and Awards will be announced August.

Deadlines for 2017 Applications: Friday, December 1, 2017.

All winners will be announced at the annual meeting in December.

In order to be eligible to receive an award or scholarship, the applicant must be a member of NJSOPHE.

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