New Jersey Society of Public Health Educators (NJSOPHE) Presents a Video Learning Session:

What Every Health Educator Needs to Know

Monday, April 24th

1:30 – 2:30pm

Don’t be left without the logistical knowledge and physical items on standby for all the activities and presentations a health educator may face.  This video conference will allow you to create a checklist so you are ready for ANYTHING on the job!


Target Audience: Students and New Professionals

Presenter: Candice Davenport, RN, BSN, MPH, MCHES, NJSOPHE President

Candice has a wealth of experience in the public health field, both in and outside of health education.  Her dynamic and entertaining style will leave you engaged, entertained and full of useful tips.

Get yourself ready now for all your future professional responsibilities.

Registration:  All participants must register by April 21st via this link –

Please contact Linda Brown at with any questions.

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