NJSOPHE President’s January Letter

Happy new year!

So let’s be honest: Has it been hard to start implementing those new year’s resolutions to lose more weight, get more exercise, stop smoking, spend less time on the internet and drink less alcohol? Absolutely.

Here’s the hard truth: as a profession, we can’t talk about healthy behavior modification without being good models of healthy behaviors ourselves, or at least trying, humbly and imperfectly, to follow what we tell people to do.  As learners, we learn by doing and active participation; we also learn from observing the behaviors of others. However while we all know what we need to do, why is it still so hard to do it?

A wise high school teacher once told me, “the glory is in the attempt!”. You try and try every day and while it may seem that the efforts are futile because we fall short of our expectations, in reality, change is already happening… all because you made the effort to try and you did not give up.

As we start the new year together, this is the focus word for the month: BEGIN.

Make this your focal word. Begin that new project you have had on your mind for months. Begin to clean your desk or your work space and declutter. Begin to set your mind to committing to your personal health goals. Begin the day with a stretch, a glass of water, or begin your day an hour earlier. For some of us, focusing on the word BEGIN can help us to just even get out of bed in the morning. For others, the word could be a call for us to start that job search we have been putting off or updating our resume. For those of us on the NJSOPHE Executive Board, we will all BEGIN the transition from one officer to the next and passing down our knowledge to share with a new set of capable leaders.

Sometimes, we all need that jump start and that motivation to not procrastinate. It all starts with little changes, tweaks and modifications; some people like to call it ‘continuous quality improvement’! Do more of what you love, daily! Begin your day, grateful for this chance at a fresh start and the joy we should all feel at the potential to attain our best selves.

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