Strategic Planning


Sonika Shankar


NJ SOPHE history: Sonika has been a member of NJ SOPHE since 2017. She has been serving in her first board position as of January 2018 as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Bio: Sonika received a BA in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration from Lehigh University. She is currently completing her Masters in Public Health from Rutgers University with a dual concentration in both Health Systems and Policy & Social and Behavioral Health Science. She is also in the process of receiving a Certificate in Healthcare Administration as well as a CHES.

During her Public Health career thus far Sonika has worked with the New Jersey Department of Health in population health, the city of Newark’s Department of Health in data analysis, and with Bridgeway Rehabilitation in health promotion working to provide services for individuals with mental and behavioral health conditions. Sonika hopes to make a positive impact globally in the public health arena with a focus on patient safety and quality care deliverance, as well as health promotion and prevention efforts for under-served populations.

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