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NJSOPHE Board Roles

Below, you will find summaries of each of the board roles.

The estimated time commitment for each position does not include monthly board meetings (1-1.5 hours), an annual half-day board retreat, and attendance at NJSOPHE mid-year and annual programs (encouraged).

President - Provides support to executive board roles. Works to guide and oversee implementation of Strategic Planning objectives. Prepares and guides the agendas for monthly board meetings. Acts as a liaison and voice on behalf of NJSOPHE at other organizations' meetings, including PHACE and the Rutgers NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance. Time commitment: 20-30 hours/month.

President-Elect - Eligibility: at least 1 year of experience on the board. Works with president to plan and implement NJ SOPHE business. Oversees program committee, grants, and special projects. Time commitment: 10 hours/month.

Past President - This is the last year of a 3-year role. Responsibilities include finishing goals established as President, supporting transition of board roles, and coordinating the Past Presidents Advisory Group, Academic Advisory Board, and Nominating Committee. Time commitment: 20 hours/month.

Treasurer - Manages NJSOPHE finances. This includes maintaining accurate financial records, depositing and writing checks, helping develop annual budget, providing financial updates at monthly board meetings, and filing tax and 501(c)(3) reports.

Secretary - Records the minutes for all board meetings, and ensures that the board gets to review them prior to the next meeting. Manages the Board Member reporting templates on Google Drive. Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month.

Chapter Delegate - Acts as liaison to national SOPHE at annual programs and House of Delegates meetings. Coordinates chapter re-designation every 3 years.

Communications Coordinator - Manages all NJSOPHE communications, including e-mails, website content, print materials, and social media. Time commitment: 5-10 hours/month.

Students & New Professionals Coordinator - Provides educational and professional resources, and ensures connections are made to provide students, transitioning members, and new professionals a kickstart to their career and passion. Time commitment: 2 hours/month.

Advocacy Chair - Plans and implements NJSOPHE's advocacy key areas of focus and the activities that support them, including writing position briefs, identifying sign-on opportunities, and contacting legislators. Also serves as a representative for PHACE, and helps organize the Legislative Day event. Time commitment: 5-10 hours/month.

Awards/Scholarships Chair - Coordinates the application process and communications for awards and scholarships. This includes promotion, application review, winner selection, and presentation of awards and scholarships at the annual meeting. Time commitment: The busiest time is Oct-Dec (approx. 5-7 hours/month), 1 hour/month otherwise.

Job Bank Chair - Identifies and distributes job postings for health educators. Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month.

Membership Chair - Represents member needs throughout NJSOPHE's various efforts, recruits new members, and manages online membership system. Helps develop Membership Engagement and Development plan to ensure proactive recruitment and member engagement efforts reflective of current member needs. Time commitment: 5-10 hours/month.

Networking Chair - Organizes networking events, and creates social media content with the communications coordinator. We post professional resources, events, continuing ed credit opportunities, posts on advocacy, up-to-date information on hot topics, and facilitate engagement among health educators and professionals across health sectors. Time commitment: 8-10 hours/month.

Program Co-Chair (in-person programs) - Plans the mid-year and annual programs, including  coordinating venues, catering, speakers, and evaluations. Time commitment: 5 hours/month, but heavier in the month or two leading up to a program.

Program Co-Chair (webinars) - Develops continuing education opportunities in a virtual space. Duties include sourcing and scheduling speakers, promoting webinar events, facilitating both technology and discussion, conducting evaluations, and processing CHES and MCHES credits. Time commitment: 2 hours/month.

Strategic Planning Chair - Every five years the strategic plan is revised to reflect changes in the organization's priorities. The chair assembles a committee to review and revise the plan and ultimately bring it to the board for a vote. After approval, the chair oversees the progress of the metrics in the plan. Time commitment: 5 hours/month for 2 months while revising plan (every 5 years), 1 hour/month otherwise.

Technology Chair - Provides assistance with technology including Zoom and member management software. Time commitment: 2 hours/month.

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